When you serve industries ranging from the medical field to national defense to package delivery, there is no room for compromise.

The trailers we make help save lives, keep our military safe and enable 24/7 commerce.



Our AMST division, located in University Park, IL., focuses on mobile medical imaging trailers and transportables for healthcare systems worldwide. The addition of field service technicians and reconditioning capabilities allow AMST to be fully OEM certified.

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Specialty Vehicles

KTSV, located in Wixom, MI., focuses on manufacturing and finishing custom trailers for event marketers, commercial applications, and highly customized expandable trailers for government and safety designs.  Our facility supports near limitless ability to build high-quality custom enclosed vehicle transport trailers. The facility features an enormous paint booth that allows technicians to paint full double expandable trailers with the walls open.

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Truck Body

KTB, located in Louisville, KY offers specialty truck body manufacturing for the moving and storage industry utilizing the same high-quality designs found in our trailers. A, full body paint shop and decals area along with custom graphics enhance the look of any trailer or truck body.

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KTS focuses on repair, reconditioning, painting/graphics, and after-market modifications including field service on all types of trailers. KTS can also develop and manufacture extreme trailer and truck body designs for various industries, like 65 feet roller-bed trailers, water trucks for use in horse racing and much more. 

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KTM, located in Louisville, KY, is the leader in custom trailers for the moving and storage industry, packaged goods delivery, and dry freight designs utilizing sheet and post and composite site walls.  Our plant was specifically designed for mixed-model trailer production and is a LEED-compliant facility.

  • Animal Feed Trailer

    Animal Feed Transport

    KT Pacer, located in Cedar Rapids, IA and Trussville, AL manufactures trailers and truck bodies for the animal feed transportation industry.  This division serves as a leader in the production, reconditioning, and parts sales for the service of global aluminum feed transportation equipment.  To learn more about our KT Pacer division, click here