History of Kentucky Trailer

“We are certain our Kentucky Trailer founders would never dream over 140 years later, that Kentucky Trailer would be where we are today. Serving more than twelve markets from mobile medical to moving and storage, they would be amazed at how far we have progressed from “The Old Hickory” wagon models of 1879. With more than a century of innovation, Kentucky Trailer grew from a horse-drawn wagon manufacturer to be the most innovative custom specialty trailer manufacturer in the world."

Gary Smith, President & CEO of Kentucky Trailer

1879: The Kentucky Wagon Manufacturing Company

Our story began in 1879 when the Kentucky Wagon Manufacturing Company was founded in Louisville, Kentucky. Known for unmatched quality and workmanship, the company produced some of the nation’s most popular horse-drawn wagons and became the largest wagon manufacturer in the world.

  • Kentucky Wagon Automobile from early 1900's

    1916: Kentucky Wagon Manufacturing Joins the Automobile Age

    In 1916, Kentucky Wagon Manufacturing began building automobile bodies for the Hercules Motor Car Company of New Albany, Indiana. Kentucky Wagon Manufacturing later bought Hercules Motor Cars' assets and moved production to Louisville, Kentucky, making it the first automobile manufacturer in Louisville.

  • expandable trailer for national disaster team

    1939-1990’s: Wartime Production Leads to New Focus on Customization

    During WWII, The US government commissioned Kentucky Manufacturing to produce flatbed trailers for the Army.  After WWII, Kentucky Manufacturing continued to design and build custom trailers for the country's evolving transportation needs. Custom manufacturing on a large scale was a revolutionary idea at the time, and Kentucky Manufacturing excelled by designing and building a wide variety of trailers.

  • custom trailer

    Today: Leading Manufacturer in Custom Trailers

    The focus on customization has continued through today, as Kentucky Trailer is the nation’s leading manufacturer of custom moving and storage trailers and truck bodies with clients including Allied, Atlas, Mayflower, North American, United Van Lines, and many others. Trailers for the nation’s largest package delivery and snack food companies are also manufactured in Louisville, KY. Interested in learning more about our different facilities? Click here to Explore Our Divisions