Mission & Values

At Kentucky Trailer, we are driven to be the world leader in design, manufacturing and service solutions for the specialty trailer, custom transport and mobilized business markets.

It takes high-caliber people to do what we do, and the investments we make in our team pay dividends in the products and services we provide to our customers. We value and respect our employees and their families because inspired people do inspiring work. When you serve industries ranging from the medical field to national defense and moving personal and family belongings, there is no room for compromise.

  • Boardroom meeting at AMST in Illinois

    Servant Leadership

    Kentucky Trailer is a Servant Leader Company. So what does that mean?

    The Servant Leadership Principle means to lead effectively we must first serve, extending ourselves for others by identifying and meeting their legitimate needs.

    Our KT Way Values, taken from a millenniums old definition of love, requires that in all interactions we strive to be:

    • Patient, demonstrating self-control
    • Kind, giving appreciation and encouragement to others,
    • Humble, without arrogance or pretense
    • Respectful, treating others as important individuals
    • Selfless, focusing on the needs of others
    • Forgiving, letting go of resentment when wronged
    • Honest, free of deception
    • Committed, honoring the choices we make

    Servant Leadership is the KT Way, and the KT Way is Servant Leadership.